Profitable Brand

It’s not hard to know if you have a profitable brand. It’s simple to know actually – your ideal clients are showing up to work with you ready, willing and able to pay for your services!

A profitable brand means that because you have done a thorough job of communicating your value, the problem that your service solves and why you are the natural choice for a particular segment of the population, you are now seeing consistent profits in your business. And, yes, you now have a profitable brand!

Many of you reading this are probably on the road to developing a profitable brand. But I know, first-hand, how roadblocks can appear at the most inopportune times, throwing you totally off course. The key is to keep your eye on the prize which in this case would be having a profitable business.

No entrepreneur wants to think that they could actually be doing something they’re passionate about, but not be able to make it profitable. So it’s important for you to not just focus on creating a recognizable brand, but to also create a business that is viable. In other words, what is the likelihood of having repeat clients eager to pay for the unique service you provide? If you can’t justify the numbers, passion or not, it doesn’t make good business (or branding) sense!

Once you’ve determined you have a viable business, it’s now time to create a profitable brand to keep that business alive. Profitable brands have the unique advantage of having organic brand ambassadors. These are clients or a target market that will sing the praises of your brand because you have effectively delivered on your brand promise. They have also played a significant role in adding to your businesses’ (and brands’) bottom-line.

The following is a list of common traits you will see first-hand when you have a profitable brand. You can count on having brand ambassadors that:

  1. Articulate the PROMISE & VALUE your brand stands for

  2. Consider your brand to be a STRONG influencer

  3. Agrees your business DELIVERs what it promises

  4. See you as part of the COMMUNITY

  5. Accept that you EXPERIMENT & EVOLVE and don’t standstill

  6. Admires your FOCUS

  7. Is in alignment with your GOALS

  8. Has come to rely on you as a RESOURCE

  9. Has easily established  a RELATIONSHIP

  10. Supports your VISION for growth

So what do you think? Do you possess the personality traits of a profitable brand? Being able to connect with even one of these traits means that you are on the right track. Now is the time to dig deep and go further to establish your profitable brand!

Get more visibility, more clients and more money!