5 Other Reasons Your Brand Will Lose Credibility On LinkedIn

Lose Credibility On LinkedIn

5 Other Reasons Your Brand Will Lose Credibility On LinkedIn

Yesterday, to my utter astonishment, I received a message from one of my LinkedIn connections asking me to write an endorsement. Why was I so surprised? I do not know this person, at all!

Not only did he take the time to write the message, but in it he made no effort to introduce himself, ask anything about me or tell me why I should even consider giving him my virtual stamp of approval. I was appalled!

I thought about responding and explaining all the things he did wrong by asking me to endorse him, but I decided to put it in this post instead. Unfortunately, I’m sure he’s not the only one on LinkedIn committing this crime 🙁

Endorsements on LinkedIn (LI) have become common practice. In fact, LI has made it easy to do with one click. I posted an image that will appear on your home page asking if you’d like to endorse any of your connections for certain skills. These are skills that your connection has identified as specialties in their profile.

I have given many endorsements like this and have written a few, but those are for people I know. I would never endorse someone I don’t know or are not familiar with their skills and neither, should you!

1. That’s reason number one why your brand will lose credibility, You Are A Chronic Endorser.

It’s very probable that just like with any of the other social media platforms, you are not going to personally know all of your connections. That’s the point of social media marketing though, to get to know people and build relationships. Obviously, you can’t, and won’t, know all of your connections, but once you’ve identified your reason for being there (getting clients or getting a job), it’s time to plan your social media strategy. Ask for and give endorsements that make sense!

2. You’re Always Selling Me Something

One of the fastest ways to lose credibility with your tribe is to be known as the pushy salesperson. The magic mix for selling is usually to employ the 80/20 rule, which means share content 80% of the time, while only selling 20% the rest of the time.

There are some exceptions to that rule, I call it the “soft sell”. I have an LI connection who sends out email blasts on a regular basis and she’s usually promoting one of her services. But, I open her messages every time. That’s because I know that I’m going to get valuable information from her. She established a relationship when we first connected, so now I trust that she will be sharing information related to her area of expertise and conveying the solutions her service will provide, in each of those emails.

3. You’re Jack-Of-All-Trades

There’s nothing worse than receiving a connection request from someone who’s profile lists multiple job titles or a very generic title. I’ll know automatically that you are trying to cover all bases and appeal to too many people with no clear brand direction. Be very specific with your title using keywords that will resonate with your target market. That shows that you have a purpose for being on LI.

4. You Don’t Have A Complete Profile

In addition to having a compelling title, you must have a completed profile. LI will show you what percentage of your profile is completed as you go along. Here’s an example:

LI will also give you suggestions to improve your profile so that you can attract more of your ideal clients or prospects. Hint: Use SEO keywords in your headline. It will increase your chances of being found and increasing your brand awareness.

5. You Don’t Have A Picture

This really should be part of #4, but it’s so important for building your brand, I wanted to make it it’s own separate point. You must include a picture in all of your social media profiles especially LI, it shows that you are serious. You can not expect to gain any significant relationships or establish trust using an abstract (or un-professional) image.

If you can follow these simple rules, you’ll be on your way to leveraging a unique, profitable business brand!

What other ways have you used to build your brand credibility on LinkedIn?

Much Success & Happy Branding!!

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