What’s Wrong With A Little Self-Promotion?

Self Promotion

Do you feel like people will respond like this guy if you brag about yourself? Do you wonder how some people seem to be so comfortable talking about themselves and their accomplishments; i.e. but for you, it feels like your selling used cars?! It’s not easy, that’s for sure! Sometimes, it seems no matter how great you are or how much value you provide, it’s uncomfortable being your own brand cheerleader.

Recently, I was helping a client with her social media strategy and I had to point out to her that she had more of others’ links and “shares” on her Facebook timeline than her own. I quickly realized that she was doing that because she was uncomfortable with what seemed to her like blatant self-promotion – you know obvious branding strategies like posting your own blog! But, if you don’t believe in you, how do you expect others to?

It’s perfectly acceptable (and sometimes rewarded) when you recognize other thought leaders, but to continually promote others’ work doesn’t help you establish your own expertise.

There are many more effective ways to promote yourself and the good news is, no megaphones are required! Here are some more subtle ways to tell everyone how great you are:

  1. Use Social Media To Do All The Talking – Have you ever heard the term “keyboard courage”? It’s a phrase I heard a local radio announcer use to describe people who say things via text or email that they wouldn’t say in person; using your social media platforms to promote yourself is the same concept. Think about it, when you’re posting to Facebook or tweeting on Twitter, you have no idea how many people you are going to reach, you hope thousands! So why not use those platforms to share your blog, new products and services, upcoming appearances and other content that showcases your brand expertise? By doing so, you’re not screaming “Hey look at how brilliant I am!”, you’re simply sharing your expertise and those thousands of people will begin to recognize!
  2. Recruit Brand Ambassadors – Having your own cheering squad is crucial no matter where you are in your business. When first starting out you may have to go outside of your comfort zone to ask for recommendations and referrals from cheerleaders,  but when they truly believe in and support what you’re doing, you’ll see how easy it is. Once you have made that initial request for an endorsement it becomes easier and you’ll see that others will want to support you in the same way.
  3. It’s Not Bragging If You Really Are The Best – But of course, you have to truly believe that you are the best, and that doesn’t happen overnight! Write down a list of your accomplishments. Imagine that you are applying for your dream job or wooing that client you’ve been after for months and you are asked to provide a detailed account of why you are the best for the job. Wouldn’t you provide a glowing review of your experience, skills, and talents? I would hope so or you can kiss that opportunity good-bye! I encourage you to write down your skills and expertise from that angle.

Another exercise I encourage my clients to do is to write their autobiography or craft their signature story. Include all of the milestones that led you to where you are today. Whenever you’re feeling like you are not the best and you can’t toot your own horn, go back to that signature story and embrace it!

Now go out there and tell ’em just how great you are!

Happy Branding!!

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