Why You Need a Compelling Offer

Compelling Offer

Confused minds don’t buy, period! So, I have a question for you, what is your offer?? Do your clients know what it is? Hopefully, you have an answer to both questions. And hopefully, that answer didn’t include a list of multiple choice answers. You only need ONE clear, compelling offer to attract your ideal client.

Not only does having a clearly defined offer for your business mean that your ideal clients know exactly what you sell, but now they know exactly what results they can expect by working with you. You’ll see that by doing this, your business will start to grow by leaps and bounds.

Creating irresistible offers in your business leads to brand positioning. Your offer:

  1. Positions you in front of your ideal client
  2. Positions you as the expert to solve your clients’ problem, and
  3. Positions you as the authority in a specific niche

And that brand positioning directly affects your bottom-line.

  • It stops the ‘chase’ and creates attraction – Once you identify your compelling offer and are then able to effectively market it, your ideal clients will find you because they now know you exist. You then no longer have to constantly chase clients.
  • High-end offers = High-paying clients – Many entrepreneurs are afraid to set their prices too high because they are uncertain of the value they provide. When in actuality, consumers associate higher-priced services and products with being more valuable.
  • More “stuff” doesn’t mean more value – Be careful of adding more stuff to your offer in an attempt to add more value. It doesn’t work. More stuff only leads to more confusion on the part of your client. Your client would much rather have that ONE irresistible, high-end offer that solves their problem and offers clear results.

Decide on your offer, today. What problem does your service solve and how?

Good luck!

Happy Branding!!

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