Why You Should Take Email “Blasts” Out Of Your Marketing Vocabulary

Email Marketing

No doubt you’ve either received or have done them yourself – an email blast campaign! And why? Because some marketing guru somewhere said that you should?! Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree with this one!

I am a big proponent of incorporating as many communication platforms as necessary to get your brand messages heard, but a blast?! Let’s think about that. A blast is defined as “a forcible stream of air from the mouth, bellows, or the like”. Is that really how you want to communicate with your tribe?!

An email blast campaign really can’t even be defined as communications. It’s more like talking at your audience and that’s no way to build a relationship. Instead, try these tips for engaging with your list:

  1. Ask Questions – Questions, on social media platforms especially, are a quick way to get a conversation going. It also shows your audience that you’re listening to their needs. And the questions you ask don’t always have to relate to your business either. Try to have some fun with it, be creative!
  2. Ask For Comments On Your Posts – Again the operative word is “Ask”! You’d be surprised at how many interactions you’ll receive just by asking. The comments you receive are another good indication of what resonates with your community and lets you into their minds. Use those answers to come up with blog topics or ideas for new products and services.
  3. Share Information – Be a resource. Remember, you don’t always have to be the source of information you provide to your list. Some valuable content that you can share includes inspirational quotes, current news affecting your industry, tips from non-competing experts that can help your target market and articles from thought leaders in your niche. It also shows that you care about collaboration, not a competition!
  4. Use The 80/20 Rule – At least 80% of the emails you send to your lists should be informational in nature. No more than 20% should include a direct sale. However, all of your email correspondence should include a call to action. That includes, “click on this link”, “leave me a comment, and “follow me on Facebook” (with a link included).
  5. Use Opt-Ins – Believe it or not, people still add names to their email lists without getting permission first, can you believe that? I mean, how rude?? But it just happened to me recently. I exchanged cards with someone at a conference and the next week I received her newsletter. Not only did I not remember who she was, the topic was of no interest to me.

Here’s what I do instead. Send an email within 48 hours of receiving a business card. Remind them of how you met and mention something from your conversation together. Give a brief description of your business and then give them the option to opt-out of further correspondence with ONE click. Keep the tone friendly and non-binding for the reader!

What other ways have you found for effective engagement with your target market? Whatever you decide, I know it’s better than “blasting” your community!

Happy Branding!!

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