Why Your Marketing Plan Isn’t Enough

There are a little less than 3 weeks until 2013 and if you haven’t already, you will at some point be visiting the marketing plan you created for 2012 to see what worked and what didn’t. Unfortunately, if you didn’t meet your profit goal, there’s a lot about your marketing plan that didn’t work!

Believe me, that was not meant to make you feel bad, but to suggest that there may be something else your marketing plan is missing. It’s your BRAND plan. Your BRAND plan is the plan that makes the marketing plan actually work.

It’s almost impossible to rely solely on a marketing plan to grow your business if you haven’t taken the time to identify the businesses’ brand vision. As you can see from the image to the left, marketing is what you do to sell your services, branding is what happens as a result of the relationship you build with your target audience.

Most entrepreneurs fall into the trap of lumping marketing and branding into the same category and therefore, approach each with the same strategy– that doesn’t and can’t work!

Your marketing plan answers the HOW; How am I going to sell my product?

Your BRAND plan addresses the WHY:

Why am I selling this product?
Why are my ideal clients needing my service/product?
Why should they buy from me?
The WHY must be answered before you can implement any marketing campaign.

Here are some steps to help you get started with your plans:


Who are your potential customers?
What are their pain points?
What’s the most effective way to reach my ideal client?
How can I position my product/service in an appealing way?

Now it’s time for the MARKET!
Those are some simple, yet highly effective methods for course-correcting your marketing plans going forward. The end of the year is the perfect time to make the adjustments for a more profitable business brand!

Much Success & Happy Branding!!

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